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HKM Logo, horse head with the letters H K M
Logo for Lauria Garrelli. Shows crest with two horses and Italian Flag
Logo for Cavallino Marino shows a sea horse
It's the logo for DQ's Design custom wool felt saddle pads
Esperado Logo
Montar logo
Horka Logo with horse head
Pro-Team logo

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DQ's Corner vendor booth

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Upcoming Events 2021

(Subject to change, check back often)

Western States Horse Expo

Thank you so much to everyone for stopping by our booth and checking out (and buying) our wool felt saddle pads!

We received so many nice compliments. It confirmed that we are on the right track :)

Osierlea Dressage

Always one of my favorite shows!

Thanks everyone for coming by to chat and shop. Hope to see you in August!

Osierlea Dressage

August 28 - 29, 2021


San Juan Bautista