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DQ's Corner vendor booth

About us:

What does DQ stand for? It's short for Dressage Queen, a term that had a rather negative meaning when it first came into use.

In the meantime however, more and more riders embrace their inner DQ with a wink. It's the riders who know that dressage above all should be fun, and, even though most of us will never make it to the Olympics, we and our horses can still look fabulous while we do what we love!

DQ's Corner started in 2004 as a small eBay venture (eBay ID: lilleslegacy) with the idea to bring affordable yet high quality riding apparel and tack from relatively unknown European companies to the American dressage community.

In the meantime we evolved to a mobile tack store that travels to dressage shows all over Northern California with an online store for those not close enough to shop in person. A local show room offers in person shopping by appointment for everyone close by between horse shows.

The brands we sell are well established and respected in Europe, and some of them you won't find anywhere else in the US.

DQ's Corner strives to constantly offer new trends and fashions. Therefore, this web site will not be static. It will have a small, but continuously changing inventory as new items come in and others are sold out. You, the customer, will decide what stays and what doesn't.


Just recently we decided to add another innovative item to our line of products: DQ's Design custom made 100% Wool Felt Dressage Saddle Pads.

A big hit already in Europe, it's about time to re-introduce this classic and timeless material to the dressage community in the US.


We hope you like what you see and will check back often!

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