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Custom Felt Saddle Pads made from 100% Wool Felt

What is wool felt?

Felt is a non-woven textile composed of loose wool fibers which are matted together to form a continuous material. The felt used for our custom design saddle pads is made in Germany from 100% Merino wool.

The history of wool felt being made into blankets and clothing goes back to at least 700 BC. It's safe to say that it has been used for saddle pads for a long time as well.

While felt pads have always been a staple in western riding, this 100% bio-degradable and sustainable textile makes a comeback now in the dressage world, because it has so many great qualities. The felt we use is 5mm thick, which gives it some sturdyness without being stiff as a board.

Why is wool the ultimate material for saddle pads?

  • Wool is nature's high-tech fiber 

  • It's naturally water, dirt and odor repellent

  • It's anti-static and anti-microbial

  • It's bio-degradable and sustainable

  • It's moisture wicking and temperature regulating

  • Wool is dyed with natural dyes that are easily absorbed by the fiber and produce permanent and intense colors. The felt we use is currently available in over 20 vibrant colors.

  • Wool felt is highly shock absorbent, breathable and will mold to your horse's back over time.

How do you care for your wool felt pad?

  • Brush or vacuum any dirt and hair off the saddle pad.

  • If sweaty, air dry and then brush off.

  • If the dirt doesn’t come off with brushing, you can spot clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap.

  • If really dirty, carefully hose it off. Lay flat to dry, so it keeps its shape.

  • Wool felt can be hand washed with a wool detergent. It’s important to do it in ample cold or no more than lukewarm water and without much rubbing or pushing around. Don’t tumble or put it in the dryer! It will keep felting and shrink.

  • Please keep in mind that washing will strip the protective oil out of the fiber over time, so it might get dirty more easily.

  • A microfiber cloth with a mild water/vinegar mixture will bring back vibrant colors, if the pad starts to look dull.

  • Dry cleaning is another option. A cleaner that specializes in leather is best.

For anyone wanting more in depth information: Check out the fact sheets on the Woolmark web site, the global authority on wool.

With endless design possibilities each of our saddle pads is unique and will be custom made just for you, right here in the US. 

Check out some of our pads:

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