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Custom Wool Felt Options and Ordering
drawing of classic square saddle pad shape with rounded corner
drawing of classic square saddle pad with square corner
drawing of baroque saddle pad shape
drawing of saddle pad shape that slightly goes up behind saddle

Classic                                          Square                                        Baroque                                      Show

Pads are ~ 23"(length from spine down measured at the withers) x ~ 24" (length from front to back at longest part).

Example shapes are just schematic patterns that don't reflect the actual pad in detail.

Custom shapes and sizes are available. Contact us.

Colors trims and cut-out options are currently not visible on mobile devices. Please use a computer to see your choices.

Color Options

Color names are translated from the German.

Wool felt is a natural material and color variation and inclusions of natural fiber on the surface are evidence of the 100% natural origin of the material.

Please be aware that the color of your pad might be slightly different than shown here, as it is not possible to assure consistency of color in a natural product due to the natural color of raw wool and absorption of dyes.

felt color swatch white
felt color swatch beige
felt color swatch asche
felt color swatch sahara

                         White                                       Beige                                          Ash                                       Sahara

felt color swatch taupe
felt color swatch natur
felt color swatch rehbraun
felt color swatch schwarz

          Taupe                                    Nature                                 Deer Brown                            Black

felt color swatch gletscher
felt color swatch enzian
felt color swatch azur
felt color swatch ozean

Glacier                                     Gentian                                  Azure                                      Ocean

felt color swatch kiwi
felt color swatch senf
felt color swatch lagune
felt color swatch petrol

      Kiwi                                   Mustard                              Lagoon                                    Petrol

felt color swatch oliv
felt color swatch farn
felt color swatch orange
felt color swatch rost

                   Olive                                     Fern                                      Orange                                      Rust

felt color swatch tomate
felt color swatch kirsche
felt color swatch magnolie
felt color swatch bordeaux

       Tomato                                    Cherry                              Magnolia                                 Burgundy

Trims and Webbing

Navy   Azure     L-Blue   Turquoise   Olive     Green     Wine      Pink       Coral       Toffee    Brown     Black      White

Cut-Outs and Engravings

Monogram cut-out                                       Horse's name cut-out                                          Logo engravings

Name cut-out

Pattern cut-out:

Dots                                                                    Stars                                                          Hearts

dots cut-out
stars cut-out
hearts cut out your own
Order here:

Tip: if you order from the Quick View, you can scroll through this page in the background.

Since this is a custom item that will be made to your specifications, it will take ~ 4 weeks to be ready for shipment.

Keep in mind that felt is a natural product, so there may be slight variations in color and thickness of the material.

Once you order and pay for your pad, you will receive an email with your order details. Please confirm, if the order is correct, or if anything needs changing.

I will mail you a paper pattern of the pad of your choice then, which you can compare with your current pads and let me know what needs to be changed to get it just right. Only after that, we will start working on your pad.

No returns are accepted, unless the pad arrives damaged. Claims must be made within 3 days of delivery.

Shipping (inside the US) is included in the purchase price. 

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