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Pricelist for Custom Felt Pads


Base price: $250

Add front Velcro keepers: + $ 25


Add a trim (or two...): + $ 25 each


Add Cut-out and/or engraving: + $ 25 each

Basic pad, any shape, size and color with matching or contrasting webbing along spine and girth keepers.

Same as above with added front keepers to prevent the pad from slipping under the saddle (rarely happens with felt).

Same as basic pad, but with (a) braid/s of choice around the edge of the pad, either same color as webbing or different matching color.


Same as basic pad, but with custom designed cut-out or engraving, usually in the lower corners of the pad or as a border all the way around.

All pads are custom made to order. Full payment is due at the time of order. Currently the lead time is four weeks. Sales tax not included.

Sale is final. No return or exchanges.  

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