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100% wool felt dressage pad made in the US!


This mustard dressage saddle pad shines with triangle cutouts and a matching handwoven wool trim. 


All pads come without front keepers, because felt usually stays in place well. If you would like keepers anyway, you can add them to your order.


The felt we use is 5mm thick and made in Germany from 100% Merino wool. The trim is made from 100% wool from Australia and New Zealand, spun in the US, tablet woven by us.


Only the best for your horses' wellbeing!

Find more information about the advantages of wool felt here.

DQ's Design 100% Wool Felt Pad "Mustard"

  • 100% Merino Wool Felt; 100% Australian/New Zealand Wool Trim; Polypropylene Webbing

  • Wool felt is naturally dirt and sweat repellent. It should not be machine washed.

    Take dirt and hair off with a stiff brush or vacuum. You can also spot clean with a mild soap if needed.

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